Sashimi Grade Tuna Loin

Thunnus albacares

We are very proud of our Sashimi Grade Tuna, it is truly spectacular. By law, any wild capture fish that may be eaten raw must be put through a freezing process to kill any potential pathogens or parasites. We buy our tuna from Joii Sushi, the only 3*** Ready to Eat raw fish production facility in the UK. It has been frozen on vessel to -60'c (super-frozen) and is then tempered under controlled conditions and delivered directly to The Fish Shop. Whether you want to enjoy it uncooked, or plan to cook it, we've never seen more perfect tuna anywhere

Weight Price Quantity
A generous portion for one
A generous portion for 2-3
1 kg
1kg centre-cut Tuna Loin
1.5 kg
1.5kg centre-cut tuna loin
2 kg
2kg centre-cut tuna loin

Cooking tips

Although our sashimi grade tuna can be eaten raw, most of our customers cook with it. We love this simple recipe which is fun and delicious. Taco Tuesdays are an actual thing for #TeamFish


Allow 200g per person

Because our tuna is sashimi grade it has been frozen. It is therefore not suitable for home freezing, but will keep perfectly for 2 full days in your fridge