Our delicious seafood platters make a show stopping centre piece for every special occasion, celebration, date night or ‘just because’
Having traded through the start of 2022, the hopeful reduction on some of our costs for both raw material packaging and product hasn't materialised
The relentless upward price is now accelerating to a point where we find ourselves paying significantly more for almost everything we buy. It is hugely frustrating and we can no longer absorb these inflated costs. Unfortunately, it has left us with no alternative but to increase some of our prices, including our Seafood Platters
We are truly sorry that we have had to make these price increases and will hopefully, when things settle down, be able to reduce some of our costs in the not too distant future

From: £ 27.50 Lobster Platter

Lobster Platter

A festive indulgence
From: £ 18.00 Signature Platter

Signature Platter

The original and still the best!
From: £ 55.00 Poached Salmon

Poached Salmon

Skinless and Boneless