Whole Squid

Loligo vulgaris

Caught mainly around the South Coast, squid is hugely popular with our customers. The size of the fish varies dramatically from 200g to well over a kilo and we never quite know what size will be available. Our preferred size is 300-500g squid, but if that's not available we will take bigger or smaller to meet the demand of our customers.

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Cooking tips

Keep it simple.... dipping the squid rings in a little seasoned flour and then flashing through a hot pan drizzled with a good rapeseed oil is a great way to enjoy your squid. Serve with sweet chilli sauce or classic ali oli


Allow around 300g of whole squid per person as this will give you about 150g of edible meat. REMEMBER... if you ask for it to be cleaned, you will lose around 50% of the original weight.