Scophthalmus rhombus

One of our favourite flat fish, brill has become a lot more popular over the last couple of years. Quite similar in looks to turbot, brill have a really delicate flavour. We buy larger fish which can be cooked on the bone or filleted. A single fish will serve between 2 and 6 people depending on the size.

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Cooking tips

One of our regular customers, Chef Tom, developed this especially for us. It’s proved very popular with customers and actually works well with any white fish fillets


Allow 4-500g of whole fish per person - remember you will lose around 50% of the weight of the fish if you have it filleted

Recipe Ideas

Brill with Vine Tomato Ragu

Brill with Vine Tomato Ragu

Quik and easy

2 People

Brill with Vine Tomato Ragu