WesterRoss Salmon Fillets

Salmo Salar

From our supplier, WesterRoss Fisheries, we believe we have sourced the finest farmed salmon available. Used by many highly regarded Michelin chefs and acclaimed by food critics, WesterRoss salmon has a sweet, buttery flavour and velvety texture. The only fully owner-operated Scottish salmon grower, 3 generations have worked side by side sharing knowledge and ideas and improving conditions and day to day methods of working on the farms. Grown slowly for exceptional taste, the bespoke feed is produced from organic ingredients and fish trimmings used in the food industry. The pigmentation is 100% natural and, because of the excellent health of the salmon, there has been no medication or antibiotics used on the fish since the farm started to operate in 1979.

Weight Price Quantity
1 kg
Whole side

Cooking tips

Our salmon is absolutely delicious simply poached in a court bouillon or pan-fried and served with a light Hollandaise sauce, but it also lends itself really well to strong Asian influenced flavours

This is one of our favourites...



200g A generous portion for one
500g A perfect amount for 2-3 people
750g A generous, thick piece for 3-4
1kg The perfect amount for 5-6 people
A full side weighing 1.5kg minimum

Recipe Ideas

Sweet ‘n’ Spicy Salmon

Sweet ‘n’ Spicy Salmon

Salmon meal

2 People

Sweet ‘n’ Spicy Salmon