Red Mullet

Mullus surmelutus

Found in good numbers around the South Coast, red mullet are utterly delicious. The size available will depend on the catch on the day and can vary from around 200g to over the kilo. These jewel-like pinky/red fish are delicious cooked on the bone but can also be filleted if preferred. They have a unique flavour, rich and buttery with real undertones of shellfish, and lend themselves well to fragrant herbs like rosemary and lemon thyme and they're particularly well matched with garlic and chilli

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Cooking tips

Brilliant roasted whole with herbs and a little olive oil, and perfect or the barbecue. They can also be pan-fried, skin side down in a little oil, until the skin is crisp. Serve over a leafy salad, braised fennel or risotto


Depending on the size of fish landed, one smaller fish per person or one larger fish between two