Octopus - Fresh

Octopus vulgaris

Our fresh octopus are generally from around the south coast and are the relatively small, we refer to them as 'English Octopus'. These are the 'single sucker' variety, and although not as prized as their double sucker larger cousins, they do make good eating. Usually around 2-4 to the kilo, the size of each will depend on the day's catch... If you prefer larger whole octopus, why not try our frozen 'double sucker' variety - they are very popular!

Weight Price Quantity
1-2 octopus depending on size
1 kg
2-4 octopus depending on size

Cooking tips

Before 'finishing' off your octopus in whatever recipe you choose, you need to cook it to make it more tender. Fill a pan with salted water, bring to the boil and drop the octopus into the pan. Keep on a very low simmer for around 30 minutes to an hour depending on the size of the octopus - don't cook too quickly or the octopus will become rubbery. Check that it's tender by inserting a knife into the chunkiest part of the leg, if there's not much resistance its cooked.

Once tenderised you can follow your favourite recipe. Its utterly delicious marinated in a little oil, garlic, and lemon and then chargrilled on the barbecue


Usually allow 3-400g of whole octopus per person.
REMEMBER, if you ask us to clean your octopus the 'finished' weight will be roughly half of the original purchase weight