Halibut Fillet

Hippoglossus hippoglosus

Halibut are the largest fin fish in the world, growing to over 100kg. We are quite fussy when it comes to sourcing this fish, so won't have it available every day. Our preferred size is between 12 and 20kg, which gives lovely thick loins and fillets. A very popular fish with chefs, halibut has a firm meaty flesh and a delicate flavour. Classically poached or roasted and served with Hollandaise Sauce, it is quite a versatile fish, but requires little preparation to really enjoy

Weight Price Quantity
A generous portion for one
A thick cut piece for 2-3 people
1 kg
A thick cut portion for 4-5 people

Cooking tips

Simply panfry the fillets in a little rapeseed oil, getting a nice crispy skin. Turn and cook for a minute or two on the other side to add a little colour. Serve with a simple hollandaise sauce, buttery baby potatoes and asparagus


Allow 200g per person for a generous portion