We’re working hard to reduce our packaging output and you can really help...

Monday 19th February 2018

Help  us to achieve our #TeamFish Goal for 2018


So many of us watched David Attenborough’s Blue Planet and, like the majority of our customers, #TeamFish were horrified by the shocking images of plastic pollution. So, after thinking long and hard about what more we could do, we started 2018 with our New Year Resolution to ‘significantly reduce our packaging output’ We’ve come a long way in a short space of time, but there’s still so much that can be done and with your help we can definitely do so much more. A few things we’ve done so far... ❤️ Given out over 3000 free reusable coolbags - with more on the way ❤️ Replaced our plastic carriers and HDPE fish bags with paper alternatives ❤️ Replaced our polystyrene trays with fully recyclable / made from recycled alternatives ❤️ Introduced compostable / fully recyclable paper packaging for some of our products ❤️ Replaced single use spoons and forks with wooden alternatives ❤️ Over 500 customers Christmas Orders were packed in cardboard boxes instead of plastic carriers ❤️ Since we opened we’ve always separated our organic, recycling and non-recyclable waste. And the vast majority of our non-recyclable waste is used to produce electric energy ❤️ Encouraged our customers to bring in their own re-usable dishes to totally eradicate the need for any packaging at all ???? What you could do to help... ❤️ Remember to bring in your coolbags or, if you don’t have one yet, a reusable carrier bag ❤️ Consider bringing in your own dishes to take your fish home in ❤️ Rinse out all of our plastic packaging and make sure it goes into your recycling bin ❤️ Let us know of any packaging ideas or plastic-free initiatives you’ve seen elsewhere - we’re open to all suggestions ❤️ Spread the word ???? There is still a long, long way to go, and at the moment we are working with what we believe are the ‘least worst’ packaging options available. But, as things change and better food packaging solutions come onto the market we can move very quickly to become even less reliant on plastic Sue x