Dressed Lobster

Homarus gammarus

Our freshly cooked and dressed lobsters are a real treat. Cooked to perfection, split and cleaned, with all the claws and knuckles cracked and the meat removed, they are presented with lemon wedges and a sprig of parsley - nothing else added. The price of lobsters will fluctuate drastically throughout the year with the summer months being peak season with lots being hauled by Andrew our lobster fisherman. Throughout the late autumn and into winter, native lobsters are harder to come by. Once the 'season' has ended and demand starts to outstrip supply, usually around late September, lobster prices start to increase rapidly with peak prices from November through to February. The 'market price' of lobsters will be monitored daily and will be reflected in the prices both online and in the shop.

Weight Price Quantity
£20 £20.00
£30 £30.00
£35 £35.00
£40 £40.00
£45 £45.00
£50 £50.00
£60 £60.00
£25 £25.00

Cooking tips

No need to cook - just serve and enjoy


The season is now in full swing! We're seeing lots of Newlyn Lobsters now, so the price has dropped significantly. The prices on dressed lobsters are dictated by the cost of live. At the moment, a £20 dressed lobster will come from a live weight of around 600g. A £35 lobster will have weighed 1kg live ** Remember, when lobsters are cooked, split, prepared and the claws are shelled the weight will be around 30% less than the weight of the original live lobster **