Crab Meat - White

Cancer pagurus

People come a long way for our crab meat. Sourced from AB Seafoods in Devon it is sweet, juicy and utterly delicious. Because it's unpasteurised it has a very short shelf life and needs to be enjoyed within 2 days of buying, but it can be frozen if you need to keep it a little longer. Fabulous just as it is, or incorporate into a lush linguine

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100g £7.50
500g £36.00

Cooking tips

Why not try our delicious Crab Linguine recipe. You'll need a little bit of brown meat to give the depth of flavour and really pack a punch


Allow around 75g per person as a starter or light lunch

Ingredients & Allergens     

100% hand-picked unpasteurised white crab meat

Recipe Ideas

Crab Linguine

Crab Linguine

simple and delicious

2 People

Crab Linguine