Barney's Jellied Eels

Anguilla anguilla

***UNFORTUNATELY, WHILE THE BOYS AT BARNEYS TRY TO SOURCE MORE OF THEIR EXCEPTIONAL EELS, WE WILL NOT HAVE ANY AVAILABLE. AS SOON AS THEY HAVE MORE IN STOCK, WE WILL BE BUYING THEM AGAIN*** We've been using Barneys since we first opened and Mark, Harry and the boys always look after us really well. Because we sell so many of their eels, they now deliver directly to the shop, which saves Sue a 2am alarm call to head up to Billingsgate Market Barney's have been making bowls of jellied eels for over 45 years. There are now only a couple of companies making this traditional London delicacy - and we believe that Barney's are the finest available. Using European farmed eels for most of the year and wild Irish eels when in season, with challenges they've moved to flown in Live eels from New Zealand to ensure that there is no compromise to quality.

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Cooking tips

Ready to eat with a sprinkle of pepper and a drizzle of vinegar

Ingredients & Allergens     

Water, Eels (Anguilla anguilla), 42%, Gelatin, Spices, Parsley, Salt