Scophthalmus maxims

Thought of by many as the King of Fish, Turbot is prized by chefs around the world. A truly spectacular fish it has a firm texture and tastes utterly delicious. Our fish are generally over the kilo, with lovely thick fillets, but turbot can grow to well over 12 kilos in weight, so make the perfect show stopping centrepiece roasted whole

Weight Price Quantity
The perfect size for 2 to share
A generous portion for 3 - 4 people
A generous portion for 4 people
A feast for 4 - 6 people

Cooking tips

Delicious roasted on the bone, or if you prefer your fish filleted - keep it simple, just pan fry


Allow about 4-500g of whole fish per person - remember you lose about 50% of the weight when it's filleted