Siberian Sturgeon

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Siberian Sturgeon (Baerii) – Country of Origin: Belgium//Germany Siberian Sturgeon is wonderful caviar, a regular winner in blind tastings, this caviar is used by Michelin star chefs and will always impress Perfect to eat on its own or to use as a non-extravagant canape garnish. Profile It has an intense mackerel-like flavour, often with long hazelnut notes

Weight Price Quantity
10g £12.00
10g Caviar Kit
10g Siberian Caviar, 6 Canape Blinis, 50g Cream Cheese
30g £36.00
50g £60.00
3 days notice
3 days notice

Cooking tips

What to Drink with Caviar

Champagne (chilled), Vodka (chilled), Dry White Wine (chilled)

What to Eat with Caviar
Caviar has a delicate flavour and should be served with accompaniments that don’t overwhelm its flavour (if with anything at all).

Traditional garnishes include small slices of toast, blinis, unsalted crackers, Crème Fraiche or sour cream. Quails eggs go well with caviar and potatoes are another traditional accompaniment, either baked or boiled new potatoes.


For tubs over 50g please allow 3 Days for us to order.

If you are serving caviar by itself, we would recommend 30-50g per person as a guide.

If you are serving the caviar on canapés, we would work on 5g per canapé